Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Esploratori dello spazio

A sinuous shaped food container to hold in one’s hands, compact and stackable, neither cone nor cup but simultaneously both.

An object in the memory of walks along the riviera beaches. Food culture, through time, has created iconic shapes for the mass market, in some cases timeless, that have become part of the collective imagery. The food, be it ice cream or fruit, has had only functional containers whereas in this case, the fit in the hand equals the one in the mind, honoring Proust, in memory of boardwalk goodies.

icon-archi Esploratori dello Spazio was founded in 2002 - by the graphic designer Sauro Antimi and the architect Benedetta Masi - with the aim to create a life enhancing design whose light, pleasant and human artefacts make daily life look brighter.

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