Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

The project stems from a desire to know about the history of an object through the voice of those who conceived it, and trying to figure out and understand something of the design and of Italy today.

Today we communicate in many ways, through many different media, but less and less, and the most interesting things remain unsaid, implied, under the surface of objects, or hidden between the pages shown to the latest fashion magazine.

The project will be hosted in various European cities and all the events will be organized so you can meet authors and critics, journalists and other designers. The output of these meetings will be added to the material that will constitute the final publication.

In the video document, the floor will be given to the creators of these objects and to those who want to talk with them in and out of the hosting spaces. A printed book will compile all the experiences and insights gathered along the road.

Collect good stories to tell about Italy and design, saying it like it is in these difficult times, with the pleasure of fur- ther deepening our knowledge.


A project curated by:
Gianmaria Sforza

Art direction:
Brice Delarue

Texts curated by:
Ali Filippini
Matteo Pirola

Video editing:
Omar Cristalli

Graphic design:
Alessia Tosini

Exhibition Design:
Angelo di Matteo
(Studio d’Architettura)

Stefano Massa

Camilla Barbareschi

Wed Development
Ernoult Damien /

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