Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Gianmaria Sforza

Gianmaria Sforza makes design to intelligently subvert the rules of an object’s construction. He is not satisfied with the creation of final forms, but … [more]

Paolo Imperatori

Paolo Imperatori has lived in first person the work of the great Maestros of Italian design, first as a “courteous servant” and now as … [more]

Antonio Scarponi

Antonio Scarponi punctually examines the complexity of being contemporary. Using the language of design, with the capability of remaining objective, he produces concrete situations … [more]

Alessandro Gnocchi

Alessandro Gnocchi is part of that current that has made Italian Design exceptional, amongst shapes, type and function, designing “things” that sustain actions, between … [more]

Gruppo di installazione

For Gruppo di Installazione the past is a present with which to look towards the future, retrieving artisan traditions and re-using memories that draw … [more]

Marianna Merisi

Marianna Merisi inserts herself in the present search between landscape and design, planning secondary metropolitan natures that constitute gardens illustrated with interiors, for rooms … [more]

Giovanna Latis

Giovanna Latis moves in the very rich project back shop, discrete and determined, she experiments developing an idea that, at due time, becomes an … [more]

Claude Marzotto

Claude Marzotto deals with the sources of visual communication, working hard to create images. He can prepare graphic design projects with nearly anything, signs … [more]

Francesco Faccin

Francesco Faccin is a resourceful designer that doesn’t forget the noble origins of craftsmanship. He loves materials, the techniques and the ideas and mixes … [more]


Servomuto, alias Francesca De Giorgi and Alessandro Poli, create objects interpreting a distant imagery well rooted in collective memory whilst proposing new visual suggestions. … [more]

Esploratori dello Spazio

Benedetta Masi and Sauro Antimi, Esploratori dello Spazio, are partners both in work and life – her, an architect, him, a graphic designer – … [more]

Alfonso Cantafora

To define Alfonso Cantafora a designer is not, on closer look, appropriate since he is, after all, one of the first Italian makers. He … [more]

Sonia Pedrazzini

Sonia Pedrazzini that, as a designer and editor in the field of visual design, has explored the rapport between design and communication in several … [more]


esterni has, for almost twenty years, been attentive to everything that connects project, social aspect and public space. A task conducted from a the … [more]