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Design in Italy in critical times

Après Repas
Esploratori dello spazio

Apres Repas are a set of thin porcelain items which are orderly collected on a high wooden tray, to eat on small or non-existent tops, in line with an informal style of a daily snack. Cups and Bowls characterized by soft shapes to be held in the palm of your hand. In case one is in good company there is also a candleholder.

icon-archi Esploratori dello spazio was founded in 2002 - by the graphic designer Sauro Antimi and the architect Benedetta Masi - with the aim to create a life enhancing design whose light, pleasant and human artefacts make daily life look brighter.

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  • picchio_small

    Picchio Alessandro Gnocchi

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    Intra Paolo Imperatori

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    Souvenir Mediterraneo Sonia Pedrazzini

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    Ex.2 pen holder Alessandro Gnocchi

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    Typocraft Esploratori dello spazio

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    Mr. Quadrago Claude Marzotto

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    Eau Sainte Sonia Pedrazzini

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    Tantooo Antonio Scarponi

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    Tavoli da gioco esterni

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    This is not Bauhaus Servomuto

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    Carte pioniere Marianna Merisi

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    Bartleby Gianmaria Sforza

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