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Design in Italy in critical times

Brancusi 01
Giovanna Latis

Brancusi is a family of indirect light lamps. A concentrated light on a single point, not wide interior lighting. A dynamic arm free to rotate through space, a tense cord to move the light vertically as pleased, a system of pulleys to move it backwards and forwards.
It is the design of light before being the design of lamps, the result of an aesthetic and conceptual bewitchment.
A reinterpretation of Brancusi’s pulley, the daily interaction tool of the great artist interacted.

icon-archi Giovanna Latis was born in Como. She graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. From 1998 to 2000 she works with Mario Cucinella, in the offices of Paris and Bologna, responsible for the industrial design projects of lighting elements. From 2001 she collaborates with Michele De Lucchi carrying out architecture and exhibition design projects. From 2007 she is assigned the role of Project Leader.

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