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Design in Italy in critical times

Camera Bike 5.1
Alfonso Cantafora

Accessories for a bicycle designed for a high sustainable performance: long-distance tourism.

From the smallest element improved in every detail to a bicycle prosthesis, always in progress, obsessively trying to follow the idea of perfection and performance, between technique and pure, cultured invention. A design born of a fascination for mechanics and their aesthetics, putting machines and experts to the test, a work elaborated with refined traditional techniques, that are slowly disappearing.

icon-archi Alfonso Cantafora was born in Milan in 1973. After graduating in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano he travelled by bike for 11 years throughout Europe. He won the design competition Artò 2011 at the Lingotto in Turin with a bike that embraces three themes: structure, mechanics, sound survey of the surrounding landscape.

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