Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Claude Marzotto

The (re) production of an image, with an explorer’s curiosity, a child’s levity and a designer’s experience.
A family of notebooks, big ones and the small ones, numbered and limited in accordance with the amount of material to get the most of.
The name is ”Giani”, the cover is double faced, each side has a full page face rendered by the knowing use of composite characters both from a typographic and an expressive point of view: at times smiling and inciting one to leave a mark, a thought, a note.

icon-archi Claude Marzotto is a designer and printmaker. He graduated in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano and is currently conducting a research in the context of "improper" graphics tools and DIY projects. Since 2005 he works in Barcelona with the illustrator Alexis Rom.

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