Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times


PicchioAlessandro Gnocchi

with Luca Spagnolo – A hyper-ordinary object designed as a mere exercise, and not dedicated to a specific client. Picchio is perpetual calendar to … [more]


IntraPaolo Imperatori

A series of vases made up of two different structures, an internal one and an external one, both visible at the same time. The … [more]


Mr. QuadragoClaude Marzotto

with Maia Sambonet – A device for portable printing; object-game-workshop, built with simple and recycled materials: a bicycle wheel, old wooden letters, etc. To … [more]


Eau SainteSonia Pedrazzini

An exceptional souvenir between sacred and profane, suddenly relevant, that concentrates spiritual and terrain references with the irreverence of an object for mass use … [more]


TantoooAntonio Scarponi

A comfortable and enveloping beanbag, animal shaped, in which to sit to read and write. Big enough to become an independent space, a sought … [more]


Tavoli da giocoesterni

Series of double-face tables with extemporaneous graphics superimposed on which socialize and have fun or eat while playing. The plans are all different and … [more]


This is not BauhausServomuto

with Leitmotiv – Lampshades which are the result of the union between two souls: pure geometry and excessive decoration, an unusual combination that represents … [more]


Carte pioniereMarianna Merisi

An illustrated garden, the transposition on paper of a nature never sufficiently considered in the city. Pioneer plants colonize uncultivated urban spaces making abandoned … [more]


BartlebyGianmaria Sforza

Half a garden seat in which a recycled plank is inserted perhaps to rest also on something else. Bartleby is a crippled seat from … [more]


LeiLuiGruppo di installazione

Unique pieces made from antique garments with modern embroidery. A trousseau to make starting from unique and individual collections, to use alone or match, … [more]


Ex.1 damperAlessandro Gnocchi

A hyper-ordinary object created purely as an exercise and not in response to a specific request. A damper that fastens itself on old radiators … [more]


ImprintPaolo Imperatori

A collection of objects for common use derived from other things. Glass plates that, deforming, adhere to the object underneath that thus acts as … [more]


ElioooAntonio Scarponi

A handbook that was lacking: how to use IKEA pieces, conveniently modified, to grow vegetables at home without needing soil. An illustrated book, the … [more]


Carry-onFrancesco Faccin

Iconic object of the passageway of time: a barrow. Easy to manufacture and use, most of all useful, and, as here designed, also beautiful … [more]


PortapacchiAlfonso Cantafora

A “DIY” rack, high end customized, totally decomposable to be setting in the travelling, and to carry the essential stuff, solid but essential. From … [more]


Dom-inoGianmaria Sforza

DOM-INO is a crossbreed between a bookcase and a shelves unit, a place for objects to drift to, a multilayer object where to sensibly … [more]


GianiClaude Marzotto

The (re) production of an image, with an explorer’s curiosity, a child’s levity and a designer’s experience. A family of notebooks, big ones and … [more]


Brancusi 01Giovanna Latis

Brancusi is a family of indirect light lamps. A concentrated light on a single point, not wide interior lighting. A dynamic arm free to … [more]


CentrinoFrancesco Faccin

An interlocking puzzle that designs a small table ready to be assembled without screws nor glue.  Its an essential product in which aesthetics are … [more]


TribacchettaGianmaria Sforza

A cross-culture piece of cutlery designed for a global world where all cultures meet, food cultures too. An object that crosses cultures and rituals: … [more]


BinarioFrancesco Faccin

A table to be easily assembled and disassembled, easy to carry, and to use outdoors for more than one occasion. These little pieces of … [more]


Le MorandineSonia Pedrazzini

A family of ordinary objects in the form of candles taken directly from Giorgio Morandi’s work. The chromatic-matter of an image is taken from … [more]


Camera Bike 5.1Alfonso Cantafora

Accessories for a bicycle designed for a high sustainable performance: long-distance tourism. From the smallest element improved in every detail to a bicycle prosthesis, … [more]


Panchina circolareesterni

with Jair Straschnow & Wouter Nieuwendijk – A bench for socializing and communicating with others in public spaces, to look one anther in the … [more]


The Great EscapeServomuto

From old houses, closets, basements, emerge surprising creations of an interesting, ambiguous,aesthetic nature. A romantic language, at once ironic and irreverent, parlor prints contaminated … [more]


TittaEsploratori dello spazio

A sinuous shaped food container to hold in one’s hands, compact and stackable, neither cone nor cup but simultaneously both. An object in the … [more]