Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Panchina circolare

with Jair Straschnow & Wouter Nieuwendijk –
A bench for socializing and communicating with others in public spaces, to look one anther in the eye, or for being anti-social, also wanting a little intimacy outdoors.

From the wooden staved garden benches to the well known decorated cast iron design, the bench is part of a world of ordinary objects, widespread, indispensable, that never evolve, static…

In this case, operating an inventive variation in the design and device, the conditions to create an island for conversation in the urban space are met, a dynamic space meant for new social relations. To become part of the crowd or leave it.

icon-archi esterni is a cultural association born in Milan in 1995. esterni is interested in the analysis of the contemporary society, searching for creative solutions that favour a wide spread participation, social groups and free thought.

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