Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Le Morandine
Sonia Pedrazzini

A family of ordinary objects in the form of candles taken directly from Giorgio Morandi’s work.

The chromatic-matter of an image is taken from a pictorial universe and transformed into an object to contemplate and perhaps to consume.

Shapes freed from the painting, allowed to move slowly through imaginary paths to compose intimate still lives like the once drawn by the artist on the table of his Atelier. The slow thawing of Morandi’s shapes in the semi-darkness of an interior or simply an opportunity to practice the fine art of composition and disposition.

icon-archi Sonia Pedrazzini grew up in Capri and graduated in Industrial Design in Rome. Beyond creating products for the market, she is involved in popular and cultural aspects of contemporary society and dedicates time to more experimental, inquisitive projects, bordering between art, design and communication.

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