Degni di nota

Design in Italy in critical times

Antonio Scarponi

A comfortable and enveloping beanbag, animal shaped, in which to sit to read and write. Big enough to become an independent space, a sought refuge for adults and children. Manufactured in Italy, designed for exteriors and to last in time.

icon-archi Antonio Scarponi, is an architect and designer. He is the founder of Conceptual Devices Conceptual Devices produce tools and spaces to engage social innovation. Conceptual Devices approach is empowering individuals, showcasing simple solutions that anyone can trigger.
 Antonio Scarponi è architetto e designer. E' il fondatore di Conceptual Devices, producendo strumenti e spazi per l'innovazione sociale. L' approccio di Conceptual Devices è sostenere gli individui proponendo soluzioni semplici che chiunque può adottare.

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